Rinova is working with our European partners in several programmes that offer and promote mobility opportunities in Europe. Here are three examples of this area of our work:

Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs LogoErasmus for Young Entrepreneurs is an exchange programme that offers new entrepreneurs the opportunity to work alongside an experienced entrepreneur in another European Union country and strengthen the skills they need to develop their business. Equally, experienced entrepreneurs in the UK can host new entrepreneurs to work with them at their own company base. The stay abroad can last between one and six months. Since becoming a UK Intermediary Organisation for the Mobilitas partnership in 2015, Rinova has been increasing the number of exchanges that it manages, and we now have renewed funding which will enable us to enable double our programme over the next two years. You can find out more and register for the EYE programme by clicking here .

The AMICO project: Employability Advisers, Careers Coaches, Job Brokers – Where would you go to get training and build your knowledge and skills to advise about transnational job opportunities in the EU?

Trevor Burgess from Rinova attended the kick off meeting of the AMICO project in Malaga, Spain, funded by Erasmus Plus, which aims to develop a new role of the European Mobility Counsellor. Rinova and Collage Arts are the UK partners in AMICO, whose main objective is to develop intra-European labour mobility. AMICO will develop a curriculum for Job Mobility Counsellors and a transnational job placement toolkit, initially focused on the ICT sector.

Our initial research has found very little formal or informal training in this area exists in the UK. We would be interested to hear from anybody who is currently providing such training and would like to contribute to the project.

The ‘Break in the Desk’ project is concerned with how arts and creativity can play a crucial role within innovation in business and society – once it is clear how artists can contribute in their own way. Rinova and Collage Arts are working together in the UK in this ambitious and innovative Erasmus Plus project, led by Materahub, Italy, which aims to stimulate collaborations between creative entrepreneurs and businesses in order to find new solutions to business problems. Trevor Burgess and Dr Denise Stanley of Collage Arts have run ‘Bar Camps’ to develop entrepreneurship skills for young creatives, and support them to apply for a week-long residency of collaboration and training in late May in Pecs, Hungary, European Capital of Culture 2010.

If you would like to know more about these opportunities, please contact Trevor Burgess at t.burgess@rinova.co.uk