For some years now, but perhaps particularly accelerated by Covid-19, training programmes of all kinds are supported by digital and online tools.


Over the past three years, from the UK, Rinova has been part of the i-CONTENT Erasmus+ project, aimed at developing web-based learning resources and tools for freelance trainers and small providers who deliver non-formal courses in vocational education.  The focus of the project was to support them to be able transform traditional, typical classroom-led course provision to online interactive and gamified learning experiences, allowing them to meet current market needs and enabling them to target the global market.

i-CONTENT was an Erasmus+ project led by SIEĆ BADAWCZA ŁUKASIEWICZ – INSTYTUT TECHNOLOGII EKSPLOATACJI in Poland and run with other four European partners: Rinova in the UK, EDITC in Cyprus,  BEE Group in Greece, and Gruppo4 in Italy.

We are delighted to announce that, following the end of the project and its formal assessment, i-CONTENT has been awarded ‘best practice’ status by the Polish Erasmus+ National Agency.

The resources generated by the project are, as with all results from Erasmus+ Key Action 2 partnership projects, available as Open Educational Resources and are free to use.

The five main outputs produced are:

i-CONTENT DESIGN: a Guide for the design phase of an interactive online course

This guide provides the knowledge on how to design an appealing course content and effective (delivering the learning outcomes) before proceeding to the development phase.

i-CONTENT INTERACTIVITY: a Toolkit for the creation of interactive content

This toolkit helps to create interactive and SCORM content for Learning Management Systems (LMS) using a set of open source, freeware and low cost software.

i-CONTENT GAMIFICATION: a Toolkit for the gamification of an online course

This toolkit includes a selection of plugins for the purpose of gamifying online courses, a set of comprehensive training guides on their usage, links to download and access examples or case studies on how these plugins may be used in an LMS platform to achieve gamification.

i-CONTENT Online Course

An interactive online course that aims to teach the course creators how to design content, how to make it interactive and how to introduce gamification in online asynchronous learning. This course also serves as a demo where one can see the application of what is been described in the three preceding outputs.

The course is available in all partner languages (Greek, Italian, Polish and English) and consists of 3 modules:

  • Designing Content
  • Interactive Content
  • Gamification

i-CONTENT Platform

This platform is a one-stop shop for trainers to gain skills for the development of online content. Its purpose is to provide a single point of reference to trainers wishing to learn how to develop an online course, starting from the design of an online course, to converting it into interactive content (with or without SCORM), to gamifying the learning process.

You can get easy access to these outputs on the project website!

At Rinova in London, we will continue to utilize and develop our experience from i-CONTENT, as well as the tools in the courses and skills training that we are running. We will also continue to develop our expertise and offer in this field with our ongoing European partnership activities, via our sister organization, Rinova Malaga in Spain.

To stay in touch about our work in this field, contact David Garcia at or Michele de Vito at

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