Rinova Creative Mentoring Exchange

Rinova’s Creative Mentoring Exchange is a free-to join network that supports the training and development of practitioners and artists working as ‘educators’ and ‘mentors’ in a variety of creative industry-linked, non-formal and formal contexts. Rinova’s leading staff have been supporting new work in this field for over 20 years. We promote access to creative careers and the professional development of ‘artists as educators’ through our wide range of cutting-edge and international projects – past and present. Read more about Rinova’s work in this area here.

Rinova has many opportunities available, to which we are adding all the time… Some of these opportunities are online and some will take place through face-to-face networking, events and learning sessions, both in London and internationally through a community of practice, in the UK and with our partners across 20 European countries.

Joining the Exchange is free, and members get

  • first notifications about the opportunities that are available for mentors and artist educators
  • access to extensive free learning resources, curricula, toolkits, and guidance
  • participation in events and forums to share and exchange practice with peers
  • first access to using, sharing and feeding into development of new learning materials and programmes
  • network and travel opportunities – across all of Rinova’s UK and international work
  • a regular e-newsletter with news, views, tips and funding opportunities