International Partnerships

and Collaborations

Our experience of partnership extends to working internationally and transnationally. European and International projects were built into the DNA of Rinova from our inception. Our experience is drawn from extensive experience of working in an international context, collaborating with partners from the European Union and beyond, dating back to the early 1990s.

Rinova is a UK Intermediary Organisation for Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs (EYE), as part of the Mobilitas consortium.  Through EYE we support new entrepreneurs to work alongside an experienced entrepreneur in another European Union country and strengthen the skills they need to develop their business. Equally, experienced entrepreneurs in the UK can host new entrepreneurs from participating countries in Europe to work with them at their own company base. As part of the continuing programme and irrespective of Brexit, we are continuing as a UK operator or organise the EYE programme with our partners until 2023. For more information on how to participate and register contact Sami Atif at Rinova on

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We are committed to sharing our practice and learning from others and to building international working relationships right across all our areas of work. We continue to be involved actively in the European dimension of our work and, despite the UK’s withdrawal from Erasmus+ in the future, we are part of many ongoing partnerships in EU programmes – through which we are cooperating with over 50 organisations – until 2024 at least. As part of our commitment to disseminating our international work to external audiences and stakeholders, we regularly publish updates and press features on the News tab of our website, as well as through our Twitter feed and our other social media outlets.

Since 2015 Rinova has been actively engaged as the London and UK member representative of Metropolisnet, a unique network of European organisations that promote good practice in urban policy and programmes for employment and social inclusion. Meeting twice a year, the members of Metropolisnet are drawn from diverse organisations and include representatives from Berlin, Dublin, Hamburg, London, Rome, Larissa, Tampere and Vienna.  You can find out more about Metropolisnet by visiting its website here.

If you are interested in co-operating with us on transnational and international projects, please send us an email – we would be delighted to get in touch!

Rinova Málaga

Rinova extended its operations in 2019 to a new site based at the Polo Digital centre in Málaga, Spain. Since then, we have been supporting local entrepreneurs, start-ups and social projects with internationalisation strategies and activities, as well as developing new projects in the field of digital content and lifelong learning.

In 2021 we established a sister company, Rinova (Málaga) S.L. to support new developments in our Spanish and international operations. As a subsidiary within the Rinova group, Rinova (Málaga) is a separate legal entity, operating under Spanish law and EU regulations. It is employee-owned and operates according to the principles and practice of social enterprise and focuses on digital and creative content development in lifelong learning and entrepreneurship. It operates from the Polo Digital centre in Málaga with a local staff team, whilst drawing upon the Rinova group’s network as well as the international experience and secondments from its wider staff team.

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