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Rinova and its consortium partners in the private sector, education, civil society organisations and the public sector work together to bring to life real solutions in employment and labour markets. As well as acting as a lead contractor in our own right, we support other ‘Primes’ in larger-scale employment initiatives.

Rinova was established with a core part of its mission to support young people in the transition into adult life and labour markets and to enable those from communities facing economic disadvantage to progress into quality jobs. Since our foundation in 2010 we have implemented a wide range of effective and innovative provision in this field. Through the integration of employability and skills (e.g. apprenticeships) we also undertake new projects that are targeted to support those who are excluded – or at risk or exclusion – from the labour market due to various and multiple issues of disadvantage, including people with disabilities and those from refugee, minority and migrant communities.

The senior staff at Rinova have worked to improve the sustainable employment and employability of a wide range of groups in the labour market for over 30 years.  Our experience dates back to the employment schemes set up by the Manpower Services Commission, through local, regional, national and European employment initiatives developed by TECs/LSCs, RDAs and Government departments; through to the present day through programmes funded by the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA), ESF, the DWP, the Mayor’s Office for London, the Greater London Authority and the Big Lottery.