Arts, Culture and the Creative Industries

A unique strand of our work is the perspective we bring to integrate artistic, creative and cultural expression with ‘mainstream’ social and economic development. Our team includes practitioners with many years of experience in the arts, and the cultural and creative industries, who utilise artistic and cultural activity to:

  • create innovative pathways to economic and social inclusion
  • develop new skills for new jobs
  • foster wider employability and skills through innovative, creative non-formal learning
  • nurture the ‘talent pool’ of young people who have been otherwise alienated by mainstream and ‘traditional’ educational experiences
  • run creative and innovative enterprise and employment programmes for entry into the Creative and Cultural Industries – one of the UK’s genuine (and growing) ‘world class’ industries.

Rinova’s founder, Richard Parkes, is a music graduate who spent his early career working in the arts sector – and has continued to work with the cultural and creative sector in this way ever since. He says “As someone who has worked in economic and community development work for some 35 years, I have always believed that there is something intrinsic in artistic and cultural activity which is very effective.  I have seen it empower people in ways that really work, offering a unique contribution to social and economic development.”

For creative practitioners who are involved or interested in these and other related topics, we also operate the Rinova Creative Mentoring Exchange.  Through the Exchange, you can network with other practitioners at events (online and offine), as well as hear ‘tip offs’ about funding, professional development and international opportunities.

Joining the Exchange is free – click here to find out more.