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Arts, Culture and the Creative Industries

A unique strand of our work is the work that we do with our partners from the arts, and the cultural and creative industries, who utilise artistic and cultural activity to:

  • create innovative pathways to economic and social inclusion
  • develop new skills for new jobs and foster wider employability and skills
  • nurture the 'talent pool' of young people who have been otherwise alienated by mainstream and 'traditional' educational experiences
  • run creative and innovative enterprise and employment programmes for entry into the Creative and Cultural Industries - one of the UK's genuine (and growing) 'world class' industries.

Rinova's founder, Richard Parkes, is a music graduate who spent his early career working in the arts sector. He says "As someone who has worked in economic and community development work for some 30 years, I  have always believed that there is something intrinsic in artistic and cultural activity which is very effective.  I have seen it empower people in ways that really work, offering a unique contribution to social and economic development. "