Rinova recently hosted a 2-day meeting with partners from UK, Sweden, Italy, and Greece to review the progress of the ARIVE (Accepted, Resettled, Integrated, Value and Employed) project.  The ARIVE project is funded by Erasmus + and aims to develop quality learning opportunities to encourage low-qualified and low-skilled humanitarian migrants to assess and upskill their competences in order to enter the labour market at early stages. The ARIVE project aims to achieve this by facilitating the recognition of formal, non-formal and informal knowledge, competences and skills through the design and implementation of a toolkit for integration skills assessment, which will enable signposting to suitable peer support groups.

The project will design and deliver tailored training that meets the specific learning needs and characteristics of the cohort, in particular language and digital skills; it also provides hands-on experience through the creation and implementation of work-based laboratories supporting the earliest appropriate entry in to the labour market.


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