The Arts and Humanities Research Council has approved a new research exchange scheme – in which Richard Parkes of Rinova and Collage Arts are key contributors – that will focus on the contribution of creative enterprise centres to the sustainability of disadvantaged urban communities. The project is led by Dr. Marcello Bertotti of the University of East London (UEL), working closely with Rotterdam University. the concept was discussed in detail at a seminar in Rotterdam in March 2011 as part of a predecessor project.

The project will explore how Creative enterprise centres can have a considerable impact on the local community in terms of both economic development and social inclusion.  It will bring together Collage Arts and the Chocolate Factory in North London, with our partners in Malaga (Spain) and Trento (Italy), along with new partners from Tabascka (Slovakia) Copenhagen (Denmark) and the Creative Factory in Rotterdam, which led on the creation of a network of 18 creative enterprise centres across various countries in West, Central and Eastern Europe.

As a concept, the project was discussed at a seminar in March 2011 between UEL, Rotterdam University, the Creative Factory in Rotterdam and Rinova. The synergy between this research exchange scheme and the access to these networks will subsequently form the basis for a large proposal to the European Union’s INTERREG or URBED programmes.