Metropolitan Housing Partnership and Rinova have completed a project to capture the legacy of Metropolitan’s work in ‘Activate London’, a five-year programme funded by the Big Lottery. The results of this project can be seen on the Activate website.

In 2007, BIG gave the go-ahead to a group of social housing providers, led by Peabody, to commence the Activate London project. BIG funding was distributed across London to target communities known to face deprivation and have low educational attainment, where people lack knowledge of how a healthy lifestyle can reduce the chances of falling ill. Metropolitan’s involvement in Activate London consisted of a wide range of activities that were focused on the development of well-being, and included:

  • Eat Wise Eat Well- a project focusing on young people, obesity and healthy eating;
  • Sports Entrepreneurs– engaging young people in sporting activities with outcomes including new sports leaders, sports clubs and progression into employment and training;
  • Wellbeing Café– a community café providing high quality affordable food in Wembley.

Rinova worked closely with Metropolitan, a founding member of the Rinova Consortium, to capture and highlight the learning from each of these projects to support ‘change and impact’ for each of the three strands. We looked at how the projects were delivered, the key components of their success and how these might inform future sustainability.

We agreed with Metropolitan that an exciting way to extend the benefit of this project would be to work with a group of young people in the process of recording impacts. Therefore we commissioned an enterprise project for Creative Apprentices  at Factory 21  to work with us. They made a film about one of the delivery projects (Kid Fit) and helped to create the Legacy website to disseminate information, including our Impact Assessments.