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About Rinova

aboutUsWe are a development and consultancy company, supporting our partners and clients to design, deliver and improve the services that they offer in the areas where we have worked for over 25 years, namely:

We make it our business to be up to date with policy initiatives, programmes and policy in these areas - but our passion is to respond by working 'bottom up' with our partners and clients - designing and implementing solutions, extracting and publicising the lessons.

Our values and governance:

Rinova is a social enterprise, in that we are a business with social objectives, owned by our staff with no external shareholders. Over time, we aim to make surpluses in our business activities by adding value to our partners and providing the best customer service to them - such surpluses would be re-invested to support our social goals. 

We have a 'John Lewis' approach to company ownership - our members are our staff. Having set ourselves up as a limited company in 2010 to 'get going', we are exploring the best governance model for our organisation as we grow and develop.

Uniquely, we also plan to set aside a proportion of any surpluses that we re-invest for a charitable endowment, either by creating a new Charitable Foundation that would be entirely independent of Rinova or through endowments to existing charities. The objectives of the charitable endowment will be to support young people who are otherwise excluded to gain access to the arts, cultural and sporting activities.