Subcontracting Policy and Supply chain fees and charges policy for Skills Funding Agency (SFA) provision


This policy sets out the management arrangements that operate at Rinova in relation to the subcontracting of provision funded by the Education and Skills Funding Agency.  Rinova is committed to develop mutually-reinforcing, trustworthy and sustainable relationships with its partners, sub-contractors and supply chain organisations. It does so based upon long-standing and best practice principles in partnership working, in order to diversify and extend its learning and training offer and capacity.

Rinova takes all reasonable measures to ensure that the selection of sub-contractors to deliver education, training and guidance is undertaken by carrying out a due diligence process prior to entering into any agreement. In line with the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) requirements, this policy outlines how Rinova contributes towards improving the quality of sub-contractor teaching and learning.

Subcontracting Application Process

Applications to become a sub-contracted partner to Rinova are subject to discussion. In the first instance interested parties should contact Monica Aroma at

Improving the Quality of Teaching and Learning

Sub-contracted partners will be expected to meet Rinova’s quality assurance standards. Rinova is committed to supporting, developing and sharing good practice and professional development of staff through quality reviews, operational meetings, observations of teaching and learning and learner and employer feedback.

Where sub-contracted activity forms part of Rinova’s provision, the quality of the provision will be monitored and managed through our existing quality improvement process with Rinova’s Quality Improvement Plan process ensuring continuous improvement in all parts of the learner journey.

Retained Management Fee

In cases where subcontracted partners are delivering the full range of end-to-end provision, Rinova will use a standardized management fee of 10% – 20% of the relevant gross funding receivable from the Education and Skills Funding Agency, dependent on funding stream, amount of provision and the level of support required.

In exceptional cases, where the requirements for management and operational support are complex and extensive the management fee may exceed these amounts but will never exceed the guidelines proposed by the ESFA.

Payment Terms

The level of fee charged by Rinova will be specified clearly within the contract between Rinova and the sub-contractor. Payments will be based on agreed profiles at the contract outset and prior to signed agreements. Rinova will uphold the right to withhold payment where risk to the funding has been identified by the contract compliance procedures at Rinova.

Full details of all requirements, including operational requirements, the management of disputes and all specific provisions are specified in the individual contract for funding that is issued to sub-contracted partners for specific provision.

Dissemination of Policy

This policy is made available to all Sub-contracting organisations as part of the contracting process undertaken by Rinova with all the potential partners prior to entering into a sub-contract partnership. The policy is published on Rinova’s website.

Monitoring and Review

This policy is reviewed annually. Any changes to the policy are communicated to supply chain partners and sub-contractors, who are responsible for ensuring that they co-operate with Rinova to ensure compliance with this policy and with the provisions of any sub-contracting agreement in place at any given time.

A copy of Rinova’s full Subcontracting Policy can be found here; Subcontracting Policy

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