Whilst the Brexit debate rumbles on in the UK, members of the Rinova team were quite literally spread across the EU this week, reinforcing the message that it is very much ‘business as usual’ for our multiple EU-funded programmes. The run-up to Christmas sees a number of kick-off meetings for exciting new projects and the on-going delivery of others, whilst today’s  Metropolisnet  AGM in Berlin, provides an example of Rinova’s commitment not just to maintain, but to strengthen relations with our many European partners.

In an exceptionally busy couple of weeks, the Rinova team will be present in Germany, Greece, Italy, Spain and Sweden. This week alone sees the launch of the new ‘Tell Your Story’ project in Pau, which uses digital storytelling as a technique to address ‘second chance’ and early school leavers. Whilst in Volos, we will attend the kick-off meeting of Folk University-led QC-VET which combines two threads that are so central to much of Rinova’s work and looks at promoting a quality culture in VET. In Berlin, following straight on from the successful Metropolisnet AGM, we will be delivering the next meeting of the UK-led, Euro I-Vet project as it reaches a key stage in the development of the practitioners training curriculum. It’s looking like a busy but productive time for the team and certainly a positive end to a good year on the European front.

Next week sees us participating in 3 further kick-off meetings, so more on those to follow from Uppsala, Seville and Rome.

In mid-January, the team will also be facilitating a learning development workshop for the Job Broker project, hosted by our Metropolisnet and German partner, Gsub, back in Berlin. At this event, partners will be developing the learning approach to be piloted, having completed both a research and needs analysis programme and an Occupational Profile for European Job Brokers.  You can find out more about the project and the results that are emerging here.