Rinova consortium member Metropolitan Housing Trust have been a key partner in the Peabody Trust’s ‘Activate London’, an exciting 5-year programme of activities funded through the Big Lottery’s Well-being programme.

As a result of an extension funding application, MHT have partnered with Rinova to implement a new programme that is supporting ‘change and impact’ for three of the projects that were delivered. These are:

  • Eat Well Eat Wise – a project focusing on young people, obesity and healthy eating;
  • Sports Entrepreneurs – engaging young people in sporting activities with outcomes including new sports leaders, sports clubs and progression into employment and training;
  • Wellbeing Café – a community café providing high quality affordable food in Wembley.

Rinova will be working closely with MHT to capture and highlight the learning from each of these projects. This will contribute to building a tailored legacy package for each one, which will explore potential ways forward and future funding options. One aspect of this  will utilise digital media to record the way the projects have had postive impacts – by talking directly with project stakeholders and participants, and an innovative component of this work will see Creative Apprentices from Rinova Consortium partners  being commissioned to produce digital media for the recording of case studies and dissemination materials.