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Since 2018, the Erasmus+ project Erasmus Employment Plus (EEP) has been developing a set of accessible, open educational resources for information, advice and guidance  (IAG) practitioners.  These resources, which are free to access, are focused on targeted professional development to support IAG practitioners with specific knowledge and techniques to work with adults who have fewer

opportunities and low, or no, qualifications.

During this time Rinova, which took the lead in developing the successful application, has been working locally in London with the project coordinator, 15billionebp and with a network of partners in Austria, Bulgaria, the Netherlands, Poland and Spain.

Across the partnership, the resources have successfully been piloted and validated by more than 100 guidance practitioners – more than 80% of whom agreed or strongly agreed that they have gained knowledge for their practice.

In London, practitioners at Rinova and 15billionebp were joined by others from a variety of backgrounds and organisations to test and validate the approach, including Caretrade, who support job seekers with autism; Groundwork refugee project and ‘Step Forward’ who support housing association residents to seek work and training.

After a false start in the Spring of 2020, when a planned series of interpersonal and interactive training workshops was curtailed due to Covid-19, the training activities began in earnest last autumn, which all happened in slightly different formats – much of it online – because of the varying restrictions in each partner country. The materials have now been finalised and translated into all partner languages and uploaded to the learning platform on the project website.

The Erasmus Employment Plus project is now drawing to an end and, in the UK, we are now preparing our closing conference at a half-day online event on Friday 2nd July, starting at 9.30am. To register, click here

At the conference, you can find out more about the resources and the specific issues that they address. In addition, several of those who participated in the experience will be available to share their experiences of pilot training and explore the training materials with delegates.

Update (August 2021):

The Employment Plus Erasmus+ funded project is ending this month.

The partners from the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Bulgaria, Poland, Austria, and Spain have worked since 2018 in creating a set of seven open educational resources (accessible free intellectual outputs) that support the practitioners on their effective training to help counsel those with limited skills and qualifications on their career journey. Those seven intellectual outputs are:

  • Methodological concept
  • Matrix of Learning Competences
  • Training modules and materials (This product as well as the Learning Facilitators Guide were piloted by practitioners in all the partners’ countries)
  • Learning Facilitators Guide
  • E-Learning platform and integrated curriculum programme
  • Skills assessment tool
  • Guide to quality standards and success criteria.

These intellectual outputs have been presented at the international final conference and multiplier events. Participants from the different partners’ countries met and interacted with the products, which will be available in all the partner languages on the project website (

From Rinova’s perspective, we are also taking all the learning and experience we have gained from EEP into our newly-established ISO 17024 qualification, for which we are now licensed to offer this new and exciting professional award for guidance practitioners in employability who are engaged in job brokerage.  We are making plans to launch this offer in earnest in 2022.  Watch this space!


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