Rinova consortium members WAC Performing Arts and Media College and Collage Arts are celebrating excellent grading results, being amongst the very highest performers in the latest London Employability Performance Ratings Calculator.

The Ratings, published by the London Employment and Skills Observatory (LSEO), ranks the performance of providers on a scale of zero (lowest) to four (highest). It is currently being used by 23 Greater London Authority lead grant holders and their 48 sub-grantees, 29 London Council ESF grant holders and 1 National Offenders Management Service (NOMS) lead grant holder.

For 2011/12, WAC received the highest rating (four stars) for its delivery and three stars for its role as a prime contractor. Collage Arts, which has also ranked four stars previously, received three stars.

WAC Chief Executive, Celia Greenwood, said “In relation specifically to the Stellar project ranked by LSEO, I’d like to thank Collage Arts, Metropolitan and TAG as partners with whom we worked so positively to achieve the results for young people that we did.

More widely, our partnership work with Collage Arts and with Rick Parkes of Rinova dates back through a range of successful projects to 1997. Over the years together we have established key principles and strategies for effective partnership working that combine the best in cultural learning, skills, enterprise and employment for young people – and it is these principles and strategies that we are taking forward through our work together in the Rinova consortium.”

To view the latest Employability Performance Ratings click here.